Extraordinary Resources

It takes great minds to conduct great scientific research, which makes Texas Biomed's outstanding faculty its most precious resource. However, for scientists to carry out the innovative research projects that will lead to advancements in scientific understanding and improved human health, they also need access to the proper tools.

At Texas Biomed, available research tools include a number of extraordinary resources, several of which are unique in the world.

Nonhuman Primates

Texas Biomed is perhaps best known for its world-class colony of nonhuman primates. Because of their close similarity to humans in genetics and physiology, these animals fill a unique and critical role in efforts to understand human health and disease.

Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory

If scientists are going to develop vaccines or therapies against bioterror agents and emerging diseases, they need the safest laboratory in the world in which to study them. Designed for maximum containment, Texas Biomed's BSL-4 lab offers a safe environment for scientists to study deadly pathogens for which there are no known treatments or vaccines.

Genomics Computing Resources

Today, Texas Biomed is home to one of the world's largest computer cluster for human genetic and genomic research. Housed in the AT&T Genomics Computing Center, Texas Biomed's "computer ranch" currently has more than 6,000 computer processors working in parallel to analyze the data necessary to help scientists find disease-influencing genes and genetic networks.