Genomics Computing Resources


Texas Biomed's "computer ranch" is one of the world's largest computing cluster devoted to human genetic and genomic research. 
Photo by Clem Spalding

With an estimated 30,000 genes containing 3 billion base pairs of DNA in the human genome, finding the genes that influence our susceptibility to disease is a monumental task, part of which includes complicated statistical analyses of genetic data from large family groups. As one can imagine, these analyses can be incredibly labor intensive and time consuming, but they have been made easier and faster by the world-renowned team of statistical geneticists at Texas Biomed.

The development of new statistical methods for genetic epidemiological research, and in particular for genetic linkage analysis, has been a long-term and highly successful focus of research in Texas Biomed's Department of Genetics. Departmental scientists were the first to perform statistical genetic analyses in parallel using a computer cluster, partitioning complex analyses among different computers in order to increase the speed with which those analyses could be completed.

Today, Texas Biomed is home to one of the world's largest computer cluster for human genetic and genomic research. Housed in the AT&T Genomics Computing Center, which was dedicated in June 2003, Texas Biomed's "computer ranch" currently has over 6,000 computer processors working in parallel to analyze the data necessary to help scientists find disease-influencing genes and genetic networks. While this resource has room to grow, it already has dramatically increased the speed at which scientists can complete their research. Complicated analyses that once took months can now be completed in minutes, greatly increasing the power of discovery for Texas Biomed geneticists – and their more than 200 collaborators at 80 institutions worldwide.

AT&T Genomics Computing Center

The AT&T Genomics Computing Center

The very methods employed by these computers also were designed by Texas Biomed scientists.