Lecture Luncheons

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ellen Quillen
Topic: Shining Light on the Genetics of Tanning

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These sell-out, members-only luncheons are offered in the Fall and Spring of each year. They cost $50 per person ($30 is tax deductible). Tables of 8 are also available for purchase ($400; $240 is tax deductible).

Lecture Topic:
Spring 2016- Wednesday March 23
11 a.m.

Shining Light on the Genetics of Tanning
Dr. Ellen Quillen

Scientist in the Department of Genetics at Texas Biomed, Dr. Quillen has her Ph.D. in Anthropology from Penn State University. Her research focuses, among other topics, on genetic and epigenetic evolution of skin pigmentation in Indigenous-American populations. Dr. Quillen will discuss how the evolutionary history of genes related to tanning impacts our risk of skin cancer and vitamin D deficiency today. 

Also featured at the Spring luncheon will be the 22nd Annual Science Education Awards!