The Forum

The mission of the Texas Biomedical Forum is to support the Texas Biomedical Research Institute through community relations, volunteer services and fundraising.

Amanda Bezner, 2015-2016 Forum President

Forum Executive Committee

Top Row, left to right:
Melissa Morgan, Immediate Past President Courtney Percy, Recording Secretary Jordan Arriaga, Corresponding Secretary Carla Nelson, Treasurer Sara McCamish, Assistant Treasurer

Bottom Row, left to right:
Sara Walker, 2nd Vice President, Gala Chair Amanda Bezner, President Jody Lutz, 3rd Vice President, Gala Co-Chair

Daniela Serna, 1st Vice President, Lecture Luncheon Chair Missing - Lisa Westmoreland, 4th Vice President, Membership

2015-2016 Forum Board Members


President Amanda Bezner
1st Vice President Lecture Luncheon Daniela Serna
2nd Vice President Gala Chair Sara Walker
3rd Vice President Gala Co-Chair Jody Lutz
4th Vice President Membership Lisa Westmoreland
Treasurer Carla Nelson
Assistant Treasurer Sara McCamish
Recording Secretary Courtney Percy
Corrresponding Secretary Jordan Arriaga
Immediate Past President Melissa Morgan
Board Members
Archivist/Digitizer Denise Mosser/Lindsay Archer
Directory Amy Garcia/Emily Jones
Gala Assistant Elizabeth Cox
Luncheon Assistant Ashley Weaver
Membership Assistant Adrianne Frost
Newsletter Shalimar Wallis/Karen Bryant
Parliamentarian Fabiola Kaase
Roundtable Discussions Courtney Ogle/Christine Mayer
Social Media/Public Relations/Photographer Amy Swaney/Molly Drought/Holly Rabinowitz
Science Education Lynnette Embrey & Whitney Miller
Special Events Clare Duffin/Cynthia Kerby
Student Tours Julie Dorbandt/Jessica Berg
Texas Biomed Liaison Corbett Christie
Volunteers Kati Smith
Website Liaison Edie Wright
Advisors Julie Zacher, Allison Zeller, Jane Satel, Walton Gregory & Laura Moorman
Honorary Trustees  Peggy Gracy & Leslie Hamilton


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