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Tom Slick

Tom Slick's philanthropic vision created Texas Biomedmore than 60 years ago and philanthropy sustains it today.

You can play a part in the incredible vision that Tom Slick invoked so many years ago to combine outstanding research, unique resources and an intellectual environment to help create a healthier and safer world. Your support, multiplied in capacity when combined with that of other donors, funds:

  • World-class scientists who foster the intellectual culture that breeds out-of-the-box thinking and fuels research ideas that attract funding by grants from individuals, foundations and the National Institutes of Health
  • Extraordinary resources that enable remarkable work and attract scientific collaboration to address the world’s toughest, most intractable medical disorders. Such resources include the maximum containment laboratory which is the only privately owned in the United States, the Southwest National Primate Research Center which is the world’s largest baboon colony and the world’s largest and most documented pedigreed nonhuman primate population, and the AT&T Genomics Computing Center which is the world’s largest computer cluster dedicated to human genetic analysis
  • An investment in the future which, depending on what category you support, may fund pilot research or fuel some of Texas Biomed’s future projects to develop a regenerative medicine program, add new laboratory and animal facilities, promote further collaboration with research teams around the world, and recruit new faculty in the Departments of Genetics and Virology and Immunology

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