Small Research Grants

This mechanism is designed to meet the more immediate, short-term needs of scientists whose research could benefit from relatively rapid access to SNPRC nonhuman primate resources. Examples of such situations include (but are not limited to) the need for additional preliminary data in support of a revised grant application to the NIH; requested new or confirmatory data in response to reviews of manuscripts reporting research results; or validation of new or modified protocols in samples from a small number of animals. The spirit of the grant is to provide a rapid mechanism of limited support for "proof-of-concept" investigation and that will enhance interactions between scientists and the Primate Center in order to foster a longer-term cooperative relationship in acquiring NIH funding.

Applications for funding under this mechanism will undergo administrative review by the Director of the SNPRC.

The current maximum award is $12,000 for a period of one year.

Applications for funding under this mechanism are currently being accepted.

Potential applicants for support of research in the form of a Small Research Grant are encouraged to confirm whether anticipated activities and costs are eligible for funding under this mechanism by contacting Dr. Suzette Tardif, the current Coordinator of the SNPRC Pilot Program.

Download instructions [PDF file] for a Small Research Grant.