Animal Facilities Maintenance Technician - Facilities

The successful candidate will repair and maintain animal cages, cage washing equipment, and other equipment.

Cage Repair and Maintenance
• Repair and preventatively maintain caging (NHP and rodent), chutes, transfer cages, and feeders as needed. Some repairs may be of immediate need to keep animals from escaping. All mass fabrication and manufacturing will be performed by a contractor. Discard unusable cages and ensure only necessary spare cage parts are kept and inventoried.
• Make minor modifications to existing cages for studies that may have specific needs for animals that are being used on studies. Required cage modification should be identified during study planning to allow for funding, design and modifications to be done prior to study commencement. Only emergency modifications should be done during the study.
• Prepare, repair, and maintain enrichment items such as hanging barrels, perches, and decking. Creation of new enrichment items requires consultation from engineering.
• Initiate and maintain a 24 hour 7 days a week on-call program to conduct emergency repairs. This will be augmented by additional on-call facilities maintenance staff that are welders, electricians, and plumbers.
• Install and maintain sprinkler and/or misting systems. Other special projects, as assigned.
Maintenance and Service of Equipment
• Ensure that all equipment (including trucks, vans, golf carts, mules, lift equipment, incinerator, torpedo heaters, pressure washers, etc.) have their fluid levels checked and minor maintenance performed. Fluids include oil, coolant, transmission oil, battery acid and washer fluid. Vehicle users are responsible for fueling their own vehicles. Minor maintenance includes: light bulbs, wiper blades, battery changes, etc. For any other repair or maintenance work, the equipment will be taken to a commercial repair shop, or a contractor will come to Texas Biomed.
• Maintain animal transport vans in good running order and ensure they are always ready for animal transport. Insure that HVAC units serving the animal cargo compartments are in proper running order prior to an actual animal transport. These vehicles must be taken to a commercial shop bi-annually to ensure they function properly.
• Inventory and request the purchase of fuels site-wide (including gasoline, diesel and kerosene). Facilities maintenance admin will place the order.
• Initiate and maintain a program designed to install and keep torpedo heaters in safe working order and ensure they are filled with fuel during cold season.
Maintenance of Cagewashers
• Repair and maintain all cage wash units as needed for daily use of sanitizing caging and equipment.
• Inventory, order, and dispense the chemicals associated with the use of cage wash equipment. Determine the best chemicals to use for the equipment.
• Winterize all cage wash equipment to prevent freeze damage.
• Perform training of personnel regarding safe operation of cage washing equipment.

Requires a high school diploma or GED and specialized or technical training. Training in metal craft, blueprint reading, welding, soldering, electrical and plumbing systems preferred.
Requires two or more years of job specific experience. Skills in operation and use of general carpentry and metal working tools required. Must be self-motivated and capable of working with minimal supervision. Must be able to wear an air-purifying respirator in a proper manner, and if necessary, pass a respirator fitness test. Employee will be required to drive Institute vehicles on Institute business. Must have a valid Texas driver’s license and meet Institute driving standards.

Work involves strenuous physical activities of various kinds with continuous exposure to hazardous substances, potentially dangerous situations, unpleasant work conditions such as exposure to unpleasant odors or adverse weather conditions. May work with infectious agents such as herpes B virus, SIV, HIV, STLV, Vaccinia, Tuberculosis, and Shigella. May work with radioactive materials, toxic chemicals, caustic and acid cleaning and sterilizing compounds. Potential exists for animal bites and animal scratches. Potential exposure to zoonotic diseases. This position may require participation in a medical monitoring and surveillance program to include hepatitis B or other inoculations. Physical demands may include strenuous physical activity. Must be able to lift up to 100 lbs. The laboratory environment is managed by stringent safety and health standards and with adherence to protocol, the risk is very low. Participation in a medical monitoring and surveillance program is required. Immunization for hepatitis B is required unless waived by the employee. Must be able to wear an air-purifying respirator in a proper manner, and if necessary, pass a respirator fitness test.

OTHER: This is an hourly paid position. Texas Biomed business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Texas Biomed is committed to a drug-free workplace. Pre-employment drug screen is required.

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