Biocontainment Program Manager

The Biocontainment Program Manager is responsible for providing operational and technical support for a large multi-investigator BSL4 and BSL3 operation. He/she will work in collaboration with the Vice President for Research, Biosafety, EH&S, and Operations to maintain optimal biocontainment facilities and equipment, trained personnel, and communications. May serve as an alternate responsible officer and emergency responder (depending on qualifications and experience).

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides technical and operational support for a large multi-investigator operation at BSL4 and BSL3.
  • The Biocontainment Program Manager serves as the central communication and coordination between scientists, facilities, and safety and should have a general understanding of each area.
  • Provides facility support by monitoring facility use and maintenance of lab equipment; monitors equipment purchases and service contracts; oversees new equipment installation, scheduling and use of core equipment, equipment training events, and laboratory modifications; performs annual equipment inventory and certifications; coordinates installation and training for new equipment and laboratory modifications.
  • Provides operations support by: Liaising with Biosafety and acting on behalf of the Vice President for Research and Texas Biomed Scientists to ensure that scientific needs are considered in collaboration with meeting the safety requirements of the BSL4/3 facility operations. Liaising with Facilities to coordinate facility maintenance shut downs to minimize impact on research. Liaise with Scientists and act on their behalf to ensure that funded and projected research area needs can be met.
  • Provides support for biocontainment personnel/Biosafety by escorting personnel into biocontainment labs; accompanying biocontainment users; assisting with biocontainment user training. Oversees all daily operational activities for all BSL4/BSL3/Select Agent facilities at Texas Biomed. Maintains, organizes, and ensures a clean laboratory and locker room space, supplies are stocked, and weekly facilities maintenance is performed; facilitates disposal of autoclaved waste; cleans and upkeeps major equipment; orders supplies; maintains databases. Assists with development and testing of decontamination protocols.
  • Works with all BSL4 and BSL3 users to ensure training (new and ongoing), communications, and  no fault reporting is in place.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Required: Requires a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology or other related field. Requires five or more years of job specific experience. Ability to undergo and maintain a favorable background investigation and National Select Agent Registration security risk assessment. Willingness to learn and stay current in the rapidly advancing fields of biosafety and biocontainment. This position requires the ability to meet all entry requirements, including medical and vaccination requirements, for work in BSL2 through BSL4 laboratory environments. Ability to wear required personal protective equipment. Protective equipment includes the positive pressure BSL4 suit, negative pressure respiratory protection, self‐contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), suits, gloves and boots. At least average agility required in order to investigate/inspect laboratories and animal rooms and perform elevated work. Experience working with and obtaining buy-in from a diverse group of employees at Texas Biomed.

POTENTIAL HAZARDS: Standard clinical, laboratories and/or office environments and mechanical rooms. Exposure to animal biosafety level 2, 3 & 4 (ABSL2/3/4) and bio safety level 2, 3 & 4 (BSL2/3/4) laboratories. May work with occupational hazards such as infectious diseases and harmful chemicals. Exposure to mechanical and electrical hazards and may be required to work in crawlspaces. Will be required to participate in training in order to gain entry to the ABSL4, BSL4, ABSL3, BSL3 and BSL2, ABSL2 laboratories. Participation in a medical monitoring and surveillance program is required. Safety training, equipment, clothing and supplies will be provided.

OTHER:    This is a full-time salaried (exempt) position.  Texas Biomed business hours are Mondays through Fridays – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Texas Biomedical Research Institute is committed to a drug-free workplace. Pre-employment drug screen is required.

Application packets are accepted electronically or in hard copy.  A completed application packet is a requirement for all positions.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Equal Employment Opportunity/M/F/Disability/Protected Veteran Status

Application Instructions

Your resume and application must be provided electronically. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Please read instructions before submitting your application.
  2. PDF forms will need to be completed, saved to your computer and uploaded. Please refer to Step 2 for additional information.
  3. Fill out the online form.
  4. At the conclusion of the application process, you will be asked to attach your PDF files.

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