Colony Administrator

The Southwest National Primate Research Center is seeking a Colony Administrator who will be responsible for the oversight of three breeding colony resources – a baboon colony, a rhesus macaque colony and a common marmoset colony. The person in this position will be a Staff Scientist. A Staff Scientist is not required but is eligible to seek independent research funding.  This position will report to the SNPRC Associate Director for Research.  Three colony managers will report to the Colony Administrator.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Oversee the strategic plan for colony breeding. The strategic plan may include parameters such as colony size, genetic diversity, pedigree, purpose breeding for genotypes or phenotypes, and specific pathogen free characteristics.
  • Chair the species advisory committees.
  • Translate the strategic plans into breeding and management plans for the colony managers.
  • Oversee the appropriate percentage of animals are assigned to breeding or projects.
  • Oversee animal assignments to studies or sales.
  • Project future animal needs and animal production based on past and present research use.
  • Establish short- and long-term genetic management plans in conjunction with the Genomics Core.
  • Write the colony components for the P51 grant renewal and write the annual progress report for the colony components.
  • Be a member of the NPRC’s Breeding Colony Management Consortium. Attend monthly teleconferences and annual in-person meetings.
  • Function as a resource for investigators on the basic biology of species and study design.
  • Conduct and publish resource-related research.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: REQUIRED: A doctoral-level degree with at least two years of post-doctoral experience. PREFERRED: A doctoral degree in primatology or biological anthropology. Five years of post-doctoral experience is preferred.

POTENTIAL HAZARDS:  Work may involve occasional, unpleasant work conditions such as exposure to unpleasant odors or adverse weather conditions. May work in areas in which infectious agents (such as herpes B virus, SIV, HIV, STLV, Vaccinia, Tuberculosis, and Shigella) or toxic chemicals are present. Potential exists for animal bites and animal scratches and exposure to zoonotic diseases. This position may require participation in a medical monitoring and surveillance program to include hepatitis B or other inoculations. Safety training, equipment, clothing and supplies will be provided when required.

OTHER: This is a full-time salaried (exempt) position. Texas Biomed business hours are Monday through Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Texas Biomed is committed to a drug-free workplace.  Pre-employment drug screen is required.

Application packets are accepted electronically or in hard copy.  A completed application packet is a requirement for all positions. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Equal Employment Opportunity/M/F/Disability/Protected Veteran Status


Application Instructions

Your resume and application must be provided electronically. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Please read instructions before submitting your application.
  2. PDF forms will need to be completed, saved to your computer and uploaded. Please refer to Step 2 for additional information.
  3. Fill out the online form.
  4. At the conclusion of the application process, you will be asked to attach your PDF files.

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