The candidate will be responsible for keeping assigned areas within Texas Biomed’s buildings stocked with custodial supplies and in a clean and orderly condition per work schedule provided. Responds promptly to unscheduled janitorial services as might be encountered during normal business hours.
Duties and responsibilities of this position:
• Restock hand towels, soap and toilet tissue dispensers in restrooms and designated lab areas.
• Empty trash and waste receptacles both indoors and outdoors.
• Sweep, mop, scrub and/or vacuum floors, walks and steps.
• Wash walls, doors, trim and windows both indoors and outdoors.
• Empty cigarette butt containers.
• Clean up spills and spot clean carpets and other special needs as may be required by staff.
• Perform related duties as required.
Required: High school diploma/GED. One year of janitorial experience. Ability to handle multiple tasks is required. Must have a valid Texas driver’s license and must meet Texas Biomed’s driving standards.
Preferred: Two years of janitorial experience in a medical, research or educational environment. One-year experience using a floor buffer and floor stripping equipment preferred. Skill in use of a buffer and chemicals to strip and wax floors. Additional training in floor conditioning and carpet extraction preferred.

POTENTIAL HAZARDS: Work may involve potential exposure to unpleasant odors, animal wastes, animal tissue and animal body fluids. May work with infectious agents such as herpes B virus, SIV, HIV, STLV, Vaccinia, Tuberculosis, and Shigella. May work with toxic chemicals, caustic and acid cleaning and sterilizing compounds. May involve potential exposure to compressed gases, cryogenics, electrical hazards, heat/cold/noise/pressure, radioactive materials, and x-ray equipment. Physical demands may include moderately difficult physical activity that includes prolonged standing and/or walking, handling moderate weight objects and/or using or carrying equipment. Work may involve potential exposure to unpleasant odors, animal wastes, animal tissue and animal body fluids. Employee will drive Texas Biomed vehicle on Institute business. Participation in a medical monitoring and surveillance program is required. Immunization for hepatitis B is required unless waived by the employee. Safety training and protective clothing, equipment and supplies will be provided to the employee.

OTHER: This is a full-time hourly paid position. Texas Biomed business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Occasional weekend work, holidays and overtime will be required. Texas Biomed is committed to a drug-free workplace. Pre-employment drug screen is required.

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Equal Employment Opportunity/M/F/Disability/Protected Veteran Status

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