Seasoned scientists and those wanting to become scientists commit to a lifetime of learning. Always aiming to enhance their understanding of the world, scientists engage in a number of educational endeavors, such as internships, throughout their careers. Texas Biomed is committed to supporting those interested in pursuing a career in science by offering a variety of internships and outreach programs.

Summer intern class 2019
Summer intern class 2019

It is our goal to provide all interns with a rich learning culture that encourages ongoing development of skills and knowledge. These internships can be in the lab or in our administrative departments, such as Finance, Communications, Research Support Services, etc. Not every department offers an internship every semester or in the summer. Spring and Fall internships are on a rolling basis, while our summer internship programs have a set start and end date.

Collegiate Internships

*Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to maintain strict social distancing and safety protocols on campus, Texas Biomed is currently not accepting applications for interns at this time. We will re-evaluate the internship opportunities in the Spring of 2021 and update this site next year with new opportunities.*

Texas Biomed has typically hosted three groups of interns on campus:

School Year Interns – students enrolled in a university seeking part-time employment throughout the academic year.

SNPRC Summer Interns – students in a 8-week summer internship program overseen by the SNPRC.

Texas Biomed Summer Interns – students in a 8-week summer internship program overseen by the Texas Biomed.

Please click Here to view the internship requirements.

Other Learning Opportunities

Postdoctoral Training – Graduates interested in postdoctoral training in one of our laboratories can visit our Employment page for opportunities.

Veterinary Externships –  Students in a certified laboratory of animal medicine and/or veterinary program.  Students will obtain experience in working with laboratory animals in two to four-week stints scheduled around a student’s clinical rotation. These are offered through the Southwest National Primate Research Center. Please contact our Education & Outreach Director for more information at .