Seasoned scientists and those wanting to become scientists commit to a lifetime of learning. Always aiming to enhance their understanding of the world, scientists engage in a number of educational endeavors throughout their careers, and Texas Biomed is committed to supporting this effort. We offer the following educational opportunities both internally and for those seeking to learn from our scientists.

Click here for more information on Undergraduate Summer Internships.

Graduate Internships – Graduate internships are available in each department. Interested applicants can contact to the Human Resources department for more information. Students are also encouraged to apply for 2-4 week externships in primate/lab animal medicine through the Southwest National Primate Research Center.

Postdoctoral Training – Graduates interested in postdoctoral training in one of our laboratories can visit our Employment page for opportunities. Laboratory animal medicine residencies are available for four-week stints through the Southwest National Primate Research Center. Please contact our Human Resources Department for more information.