2019 Founder’s Council Board

Pictured from left to right: Burkley Fitzsimons, Alexis Wiesenthal, Madison Marceau, Stephanie Dick, James Griffin, Madison Mauze, Liz LaBarge, Katy Reynolds, Clint Worth, Andrew Hunt, Callie Price, Aaron Asel, Trey Dawson, Robert Turnbull, Michele Camp, Evan Ketabchi, Trevor Lawton

Executive Board

  • President – Callie Price
  • Vice President Membership – James Griffin
  • Vice President Membership – Katy Reynolds
  • Vice President Membership – Burkley Fitzsimons
  • Vice President Corporate Membership – Stephanie Dick
  • Vice President Corporate Membership – Michele Camp
  • Vice President Corporate Membership – Clint Worth
  • Vice President Corporate Membership – Robert Turnbull
  • Vice President Sponsorship – Andrew Hunt
  • Vice President Sponsorship – Aaron Asel
  • Vice President Sponsorship – Madison Marceau
  • Vice President Sponsorship – Madison Mauze
  • Vice President Hospitality – Trevor Lawton
  • Vice President Social Media – Liz LaBarge
  • Secretary – Alexis Wiesenthal
  • Treasurer – Evan Ketabchi
  • Past President – Trey Dawson


  • Emeritus Board Member – John A. Oberman
  • Co-Founder & Emeritus Board Member – Bruce Bugg Jr.
  • Co-Founder & Emeritus Board Member – James W. Gorman Jr.

Texas Biomedical Contacts

  • Vice President for Advancement and Public Relations– Corbett Christie
  • Advancement and Community Relations Manager– Jill DeYoung

For questions or information on Founder’s Council and Texas Biomedical Research Institute, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 210-258-9409.