Human Resources

We attract and engage world-class scientists, technicians, and business professionals required to produce world-class results.

Current job opportunities at Texas Biomed.

Texas Biomedical Research Institute is a private non-profit research institution. The Institute is devoted to basic biomedical research to include studies in heart and respiratory diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, such as AIDS and hepatitis, and genetics studies.

Our recruitment efforts for doctoral level scientists target individuals with a Ph.D., M.D., or D.V.M. in such areas as the biological sciences, chemistry, anthropology, veterinary medicine, or the behavioral sciences.

The majority of our recruitment efforts are directed toward filling positions on our scientific support staff. We seek individuals who have a bachelor's or master's degree with a major in the biological sciences, chemistry, anthropology, and the behavioral sciences.

Workplace Philosophy

Reflective of the Institute’s values, individuals within the organization strive to:

  • Show respect
  • Build trust
  • Practice open communication
  • Value learning and growth
  • Promote meaningful participation
  • Support collaborative decision making
  • Foster innovation, education and research
  • Promote professionalism