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Impact of Nonhuman Primate Research on Eye Diseases | 01.26.2016

Dr. Jeffrey Kiel, professor in the Ophthalmology Department at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, led a recent study with co-investigator Dr. Anthony Comuzzie, Scientist in the Department of Genetics at Texas Biomed, to determine whether baboons develop retinal lesions similar to those found in human diabetic retinopathy. | Read the full story

Study Shows High Frequency of Spontaneous Mutation in Ebola Virus | 01.05.2016

In a Journal of Virology paper, Texas Biomed Scientist Dr. Anthony Griffiths, explains how he and his team found that Ebola virus has the potential to evolve rapidly but the genetic changes result in viruses that are weakened or not viable, which could be exploited as a therapeutic. | Read the full story

Texas Biomed receives $5 million grant to study possible functional cure for babies born with HIV | 12.03.2015

The National Institutes of Health have awarded scientists at Texas Biomedical Research Institute and collaborators at the Food and Drug Administration, UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania a $5 million grant over the next 4 years to study a combination antiviral drugs and investigative AIDS vaccines aimed at treating infants and children affected by HIV. | Read the full story


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