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Texas Biomed dedicates Earl Slick Research Center, a new 70,000 square foot laboratory and scientific support building to speed discovery | 03.24.2014

The Texas Biomedical Research Institute’s new $27 million science complex, funded entirely by donors, will be dedicated at 2:30 pm on March 27. It is part of a campus master plan that includes a major effort to recruit world-class scientists, enhance existing research programs and initiate new ones to accelerate the pace of discovery. | Read the full story

New study of human blood fluke parasites identifies drug resistance mutations; raises hopes for improved therapies | 11.21.2013

An international group of scientists led by Tim Anderson Ph.D., at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute and Philip LoVerde Ph.D., at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio has identified the mutations that result in drug resistance in a parasite infecting 187 million people in South America, Africa and Asia. The new finding allows detailed understanding of the drugs’ mechanism of action and raises prospects of improved therapies. | Read the full story

New baboon studies may help explain why some people who take drugs for osteoporosis are at risk for leg bone fractures | 11.14.2013

Research with baboons at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute may help explain why some people who take bone-strengthening drugs like bisphosphonates are at-risk for atypical fractures in the long bones in their legs. | Read the full story

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