About Texas Biomed

Saving Lives With the Power of Scientific Discovery

Texas Biomedical Research Institute aims to unravel the mysteries of infectious diseases through innovative thinking, creative problem solving and cutting edge technologies.

We Make Today’s Discoveries Possible of Becoming Tomorrow’s Cures.

Since its founding in 1941 by Thomas B. Slick Jr., the Texas Biomedical Research Institute has gained worldwide recognition in scientific and academic communities for the quality of its basic research.

Our scientists work each and every day to improve human health by being a world leader in lifestyle and infectious disease research. Each year, our scientists are engaged in more than 200 research projects and publish well over 100 articles in the international scientific literature.


Located on a 200-acre campus on the northwest side of San Antonio, Texas, Texas Biomed partners with hundreds of researchers and institutions around the world, targeting advances in the fight against infectious diseases impacting our communities around the world, including AIDS, TB, hepatitis, malaria, hemorrhagic fever viruses, parasitic infections and many other infectious diseases. We also study co-morbidities of infection and vulnerable populations, such as the very young and the elderly and those suffering from cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders.


Its staff of more than 350 employees includes a multidisciplinary team of approximately 65+ doctoral-level scientists who lead more than 200 major research projects in the Institute’s three program areas of Disease Intervention & Prevention, Host Pathogen Interaction and Population Health, as well as the Southwest National Primate Research Center. Below is an overview of our institutional leadership.

Institutional Leadership

  • Board of Trustees
    Dr. James (Jamo) Rubin

    • President and CEO
      Dr. Larry Schlesinger

      • Vice President for
        Finance and Administration,
        Chief Financial Officer
        Bruce Edwards

      • Vice President for
        Advancement and Public Relations
        Corbett Christie

      • Vice President for
        Information Technology Systems,
        Chief Technology Officer
        John M. Heaner

      • Vice President for
        Joanne Turner, Ph.D.

      • Director,
        Deepak Kaushal, Ph.D.

      • Co-Chair, Disease Intervention Prevention Program
        Timothy Anderson, Ph.D.

      • Co-Chair, Disease Intervention Prevention Program
        Ricardo Carrion, Jr. Ph.D.

      • Co-Chair, Host Pathogen Interaction Program
        Luis D. Giavedoni, Ph.D.

      • Co-Chair, Host Pathogen Interaction Program
        Ian Cheeseman, Ph.D.

      • Co-Chair, Population Health Program
        Shelley Cole, Ph.D.

      • Co-Chair, Population Health Program
        Jordi Torrelles, Ph.D.

Yesterday and Today

Texas Biomed, originally known as the Foundation of Applied Research, was created as a non-profit institution in 1941 through the philanthropic vision of Thomas B. Slick Jr., and philanthropy sustains it today. In addition to the competitive grants and contracts that fund Texas Biomed’s research, a significant portion of its excess of $50 million annual budget is met through the financial contributions of foundations, corporations and individuals. These generous donors share in the vision of Texas Biomed’s founder, who dreamed of building a “city of science” that would become a “great center for human progress through scientific research.”