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Research is only any good when people can read about it, understand it and use it, so that’s why the Texas Biomed marketing and communications team is excited to talk with media and our community members about the work we do every day to protect global health. We also understand that this work can be misunderstood, so clear, concise information is critical. We look forward to working with members of the media to not only share our story but help people in our community and around the world get as excited about science as we are. Please reach out to our team through the links below.

Nicole Foy

Vice President, Communications
Nicole Foy
Contact for media inquiries, advertising and/or marketing needs

Ruby Reyes-Hinojosa

Marketing Manger
Ruby Reyes-Hinojosa
Contact for advertising and/or marketing needs

Laura Petersen

Senior Communications Specialist & Science Writer

Mark Williams

Web Developer

Media Inquires

General Media inquiries

Not a member of the media? No Problem.

We want to make sure you find the information you need.  Please visit our Contact Us, page.