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Slide Science, Global Health, and Policy
in a Time of Pandemics
80 Years. 80 Voices. Global Health Virtual Symposium April 29-30, 2021

Texas Biomedical Research Institute (Texas Biomed) is a national leader among independent, nonprofit research institutes in discovering and sharing critical breakthroughs to help protect the global community from the threats of infectious diseases. In celebration of the Institute’s 80th anniversary, a two-day virtual Global Health Symposium will be held on April 29th and 30th 2021 – 80 years. 80.voices. Join us as we bring together the brightest minds and strong voices to discuss, advocate and collaborate.

The two-day event, titled, Science, Global Health and Policy in a Time of Pandemics, will bring together a range of thought leaders involved in global health, research, sustainability, and policy. The symposium will host dozens of speakers during 10 sessions including four plenary addresses from world experts and concurrent sessions with speakers from various sectors.  The meeting will review the linkages between pandemics, increasing infectious disease threats, and the sustainable development goals and discuss the approaches to meeting the challenges and mitigating the impact of infectious diseases. The goal is to foster dialogue with key partners, share new information on the subject, and facilitate greater collaboration and learning communities across disciplines, sectors, initiatives, and countries. The program seeks to envision a new, forward-thinking, proactive approach to averting future infectious disease threats and thereby improve global health for the most vulnerable populations.

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