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Texas Biomedical Research Institute is pioneering and sharing scientific breakthroughs to protect you, your families and our global community from the threat of infectious diseases. The Institute has an 80-year history of success that includes work on the first COVID-19 vaccine and therapies, the first Ebola treatment, the first Hepatitis-C therapy, and thousands of developmental discoveries. Texas Biomed helps create healthier communities with science that inspires new generations through STEM education programs, delivers jobs and economic impact in our community and heals through innovative research. Learn more about how you can #Stand4Science.

Global Health Symposium 2023

Texas Biomed is excited to announce its 2023 Global Health Symposium will be focused on Building Health Equity: Community, Trust and Science. The hybrid conference will be held online and in person on May 18-19.

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Research Areas

Texas Biomedical Research Institute is dedicated to the advancement of human health through basic and translational research into the nature, causes, prevention and eradication of disease. Our scientific programs and research resources are focused in the following areas.