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Host-Pathogen Interactions (HPI)

Host-Pathogen Interactions (HPI)

The HPI Program concentrates on the basic biology of infection in humans and animals and the development of disease. Scientists focus on the basic biology of how an infectious agent such as a parasite, bacteria, virus or fungi can enter our bodies and/or cells and cause illness. Scientists at Texas Biomed are, for example, determining how Ebola or Mycobacterium tuberculosis can infect cells and cause illness, or how HIV can subvert our immune system to persist in our bodies. Texas Biomed is looking to expand into new areas related to Host Pathogen Interactions:

  • Discovering relationships between pathogen, vector, and host variation at the cellular level. The study and manipulation of disease vectors (such as the mosquito) is an area of potential expansion.
  • Understanding route of entry, host microenvironment, and immune processes at mucosal surfaces.
  • Developing new models that replicate key features of human disease progression, including small and large animal models, and organoids.

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