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Texas Biomedical Research Institute is a premiere, independent research institute in the United States with a deep history in San Antonio, Texas. We are proud of the cutting-edge research accomplished by scientists on our campus in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

For the safety and security of both staff and animals on the Texas Biomed campus, below are guidelines with respect to photography and videography on campus. As a convenience, we have provided a gallery of photos and videos showcasing some of the great work done here. We encourage media to use these photos under the following guidelines.

Photo Credits and Modifications

The gallery of videos and photos found below are owned by Texas Biomedical Research Institute and the Southwest National Primate Research Center and are available for use by news media and internal staff only. Please credit all photos and videos used as “Courtesy of Texas Biomedical Research Institute” or “Courtesy of Texas Biomed.” Please credit any photo noted with a name as “Photo taken by…courtesy of Texas Biomed”

Photos cannot be cropped, reshaped or otherwise altered to reflect anything other than what is originally shown in the photo. A photo can be resized but must be resized proportionately as to not distort the photo.

The Texas Biomed logo cannot be altered other than to resize it. Again, resizing must not affect the proportion of the logo. The logo colors cannot be altered. If the logo is needed in any other color combination than is provided, please contact the Director of Public Relations.

On-campus Guidelines

Photography and video anywhere on the property is limited and must be pre-approved by an authorized staff person.

Photography and videography by outside persons from any electronic or photographic source, including cell phones, tablets, hidden cameras, etc. is considered a breach of security unless approved by a staff supervisor or the Director of Public Relations. If photography or videography is approved, the use of props, lighting, or costumes must be approved by the Director of Communications to ensure safety guidelines are followed.

Journalists can arrange photo and video shoots with the Institute’s Vice President of Communications, Nicole Foy at or by calling 210-313-3562.



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