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Virus Request Form

To order these reagents, the following documents must accompany the Virus Request form:

  1. Material Transfer Agreement (MTA):
    Download the MTA Form using the provided link. Complete the MTA, obtain signatures, and upload the MTA form with your order request. If you have questions or changes you’d like to make to the MTA, please contact
  2. Institutional Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)/Biosafety approval:
    A statement, on institutional letterhead, signed by PI and EHS/Biosafety office acknowledging that your laboratory has the facility, equipment, procedure, and training required to handle the reagent requested. Laboratory biosafety level and relevant institutional approval should be described as applicable, as well as (1) a mitigation plan for any experiments in animal models with viruses showing enhanced replication in excess of 1 log or enhanced weight loss in excess of 10% compared to the wild-type backbone strain and (2) the stopping of all work with the virus to notify your EHS/Biosafety officer and also Texas Biomedical Research Institute.
  3. Import permit (for international requests, as applicable):
    For countries that requires an import permit, requesters must also upload the approved import permit for destination country.

Recombinant (r)SARS-CoV-2 and non-academic pricing.

50% discounts are available for nonprofit organizations receiving federal funding. These discounts will be reflected in the invoice generated, which will be sent to you.