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Vivarium Unit

The Vivarium facilitates ethical and humane animal studies in a safe and collaborative environment.


  • Species: mice, transgenics, SCIDs, BL6/BALBc, golden hamsters and guinea pigs
  • Isolated ventilated cages (IVC); BSL2 and BSL3 secondary containment cages
  • Viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal exposures
  • Dosing/obs/
    anesthesia/limited surg/necropsy
  • Protocol development and procedures
  • Nutrition and blood/vitals

Services Offered

  • Small mammal veterinary care and routine husbandry
  • Animal handling skill training and verification
  • Vivarium staff support for experimental manipulations
  • Veterinary support
  • Small mammal model development consultation
  • Procedure and protocol assistance and consultation
  • Budget preparation
  • Small Mammal purchasing and receipt
  • Breeding services and line maintenance