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Giving Partners: Progress Through Collaboration

Progress is not achieved alone. Texas Biomedical Research Institute is honored to be supported by the dedicated effort of three remarkable charitable partner organizations: The Argyle, The Texas Biomedical Forum and The Founder’s Council. Each of these partners spearhead tremendous efforts through community relations, advocacy and fundraising for the advancement of Texas Biomed’s mission of improving human health and protecting the globe from infectious disease.

Explore our partnerships below and discover how they enable progress in the pursuit of scientific breakthroughs that protect you, your families and our global community from the threat of infectious diseases.

Exterior Photograph of The Argyle

The Argyle

The Argyle is a private club founded in the 1950s that supports Texas Biomedical Research Institute in its mission to improve global health through scientific discovery. It provides a space for philanthropic individuals to support the Institute’s research efforts. Members enjoy top dining and five-star service in the ambience of tremendous history while also enjoying a meeting place for the men and women of science.

When you become a part of The Argyle you become a part of something much bigger. You are connected to a private club with a rich history and purpose to support, encourage and foster the work of Texas Biomedical Research Institute.

Original Forum

Texas Biomedical Forum

Founded in 1970, The Texas Biomedical Forum is a non-profit, women-led, and member-supported organization that helps Texas Biomedical Research Institute advance its mission. It is made up of a vibrant community of women philanthropists, community leaders and industry experts who collaborate with the Institute to provide pilot grants that empower scientific discovery while also focusing on advancing education initiatives. Over many years of support, The Forum has graciously awarded millions in pilot research funding.

Members of the Texas Biomedical Forum attend expert lectures, receive research updates and have the opportunity to participate in special events, fundraisers and volunteer activities.

Founders Council Event

Founder’s Council

Founded in 2002, the Founder’s Council is comprised of highly engaged individuals ages 25 to 46 who embrace Texas Biomed founder Tom Slick’s vision of lifesaving biomedical research supported by engaged community advocates and financial supporters. Members’ annual donations help fund competitive grants to Texas Biomed scientists for vital scientific equipment needs, while the group’s lively special events increase community awareness of Texas Biomed. Working closely with Texas Biomed, the Founder’s Council provides strategic funding for critical research projects and initiatives.

Members of the Texas Biomed Founder’s Council receive exclusive benefits, including access to expert lectures, community events and networking functions.

The Golden Circle

The Texas Biomedical Research Institute Golden Circle is an esteemed giving society for those interested in driving discoveries that transform biomedical research. Established in 1977, the Golden Circle invests in the mission of Texas Biomed and has a direct impact on the health of people worldwide.

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