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Tissue samples from nonhuman primates make up the tissue bank at the SNPRC.

TX BioBytes from Texas Biomed Episode 025 — Tissue Bank Deposits Generate Interest

HIV on Bridges Between Infected Immune Cell and Uninfected Brain Cell
Courtesy: NIH Image Gallery

TX BioBytes from Texas Biomed Episode 022 – Promising Protection Against a Killer

Helen Lee Breton is part of the research team working on developing a new animal model to study liver cancer.

Tackling Liver Cancer Using CRISPR to Develop a New Animal Model — TXBioBytes Podcast Episode 013

Tom Slick, Jr., is the founder of Texas Biomed.

Tom Slick: Pioneer of the Possible — TXBioBytes Podcast Episode 012

Hundreds of rhesus macaque monkeys are housed at the Southwest National Primate Research Center.

Biomedical Science’s Instrumental Model: Rhesus Macaques — TXBioBytes Podcast Episode 009