Tom Slick’s philanthropic vision created Texas Biomed more than 60 years ago and philanthropy sustains it today.

You can play a part in the incredible vision that Tom Slick invoked so many years ago to combine outstanding research, unique resources and an intellectual environment to help create a healthier and safer world. Your support, multiplied in capacity when combined with that of other donors, funds:

  • World-class scientists who foster the intellectual culture that breeds innovative, creative thinking and fuels research ideas that attract funding by grants from individuals, foundations and the National Institutes of Health.
  • Extraordinary resources that enable remarkable work and attract scientific collaboration to address the world’s toughest, most intractable medical disorders.
  • An investment in the future, as our scientists are discovering not only how pathogens function but how the human body is responding

Since the organization’s founding, giving has played the role of a powerful enabler of progress, making philanthropy one of the cornerstones of the success of this institution. Here are a few examples of how your financial support can make all the difference to Texas Biomed scientists:

  • Leverage: On average, for every $1 contributed, Texas Biomed scientists gain another $12 in competitive grant support, making Institute researchers among the most productive anywhere.
  • Critical programs and projects: Research grant and contract funding is the majority funding source of Texas Biomed, totaling about 75% of our revenue. The remaining support must come from endowment income and current donations.
  • Key research ventures: Donations fund recruitment of key scientists and pilot studies, each representing strategies which encourage bold initiatives by new and existing faculty.
  • Extraordinary resources and technology: Texas Biomed has a history of developing rare scientific resources. The BSL-4 maximum containment laboratory and AT&T Genomics Computing Center are examples of such resources funded by donations.
  • Make the difference: Unlike some research organizations; Texas Biomed does not have patient or tuition revenue to fund capital and operating expenses. Donations are critical for funding new programs and capital purchases at Texas Biomed.

Learn more here about how you can support Texas Biomed to excel as a center for scientific research. It is because of you we are able to enhance lives through discovery.