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About Texas Biomed


Texas Biomed is pioneering and sharing scientific breakthroughs that protect you, your families and the global community from the threat of infectious diseases. 


Texas Biomed will be the unrivaled leader in infectious disease research, paving the way to a healthier world, where everyone lives free from the fear and effects of infection.


Teamwork | Integrity | Diversity | Excellence | Safety

Texas Biomed is changing the TIDES of bioscience to ensure our energy, time, talent and resources support the entire research pipeline from early stage discovery through to diagnostics, therapies, vaccines and cures.

About Texas Biomed

Since its founding in 1941 by Thomas B. Slick Jr., Texas Biomed has gained worldwide recognition in scientific and academic communities for the quality of its basic research. Texas Biomed is the only independent, nonprofit, infectious disease research institute in the US with an 80-year history of discovery-based science and an entrepreneurial culture that facilitates science worldwide. 

By The Numbers

  • $70+M annual revenue
  • 200+ research projects
  • 425+ employees 
  • 70+ PhD | MD | DVM scientists
  • 31 Faculty | 21 scientists | 10 vets
  • 3 scientific programs
  • 4000+ research animals
  • 70,000 sq.ft. of lab space
  • 1,200 ft.2 BSL4 | 11,000 ft.2 BSL3
  • 200 acres
  • 501c3 nonprofit 

Texas Biomed is the only independent, nonprofit infectious disease research institute in the U.S. to combine: 

  • The highest-level biocontainment labs for infectious disease and biodefense research
  • A federally-designated National Primate Research Center 
  • More than 80 years of discoveries advancing diagnostics, vaccines and therapies
  • An entrepreneurial culture and specialized expertise in regulated science required for FDA approval

The results:

Advanced the first COVID-19 vaccine, the first Ebola treatment, the first Hepatitis-C therapy, as well as many more developments and technologies – notably the high-frequency neonatal ventilator for premature infants

Scientist looking through microscope stock photo

Scientist work in laboratory

Science that Inspires.

Educational Advancement | Education Initiatives aim to excite and motivate students from K -12 and into college to not only pursue higher education but to focus with hands-on learning activities and a rich curriculum on STEM careers.

Workforce Competency | Graduate Training and Career Development programs focus on providing skill-building opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral trainees looking to enter the field of bioscience and research, enhancing the talent of our future global workforce.

Science that Delivers.

Extraordinary Resources | Texas Biomed is home to the nation’s only privately owned biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) maximum containment laboratory and operates 11,000 sq. ft. of biosafety level 3 laboratories for the facilitation of studies in tuberculosis, Ebola virus, Marburg virus, coronaviruses and more. The Southwest National Primate Research Center (SNPRC) provides broad services in primate research with specialized technologies, capabilities and primate resources, many of which are unique to SNPRC. 

As one of the world’s leading independent biomedical research institutions, Texas Biomed is dedicated to the advancement of human health through basic and translational research into the nature, causes, prevention and eradication of infectious disease. Our partnerships continue to expand worldwide to deliver new diagnostics, treatments and cures through our preclinical research and applied science and innovation programs. 

Study Areas
Aging | Drug Resistance | Emerging Infectious Diseases | Hepatitis | HIV 
Healthcare-Associated Infections | Inflammation | Malaria | Tuberculosis | Susceptible Populations
COVID-19 | Hemorragic Fever | Theoretical Immunology | Computational Biology

Science that Heals.

Infectious diseases impact everyone. Each of us will suffer from an infection in our lifetime. These infections can be life-changing, and for millions of people worldwide, these diseases can mean losing loved ones too soon. Conducting quality science in a timely manner is key to getting therapies and vaccines to market, because health starts with science. Health starts at Texas Biomed.