Founder’s Council Membership

Why Join

When you join Founder’s Council, you become a part of a very important circle of individuals who continue the vision of Tom Slick, who believed that, “Science gives us a tool of unparalleled effectiveness by which we can improve the physical side of our lives; and since science recognizes no boundaries, the lives of people all over the world.” Events hosted by Founder’s Council give members a chance to be informed and inspired by the incredible, life-changing work of Texas Biomed scientists. Moreover, new friends are made and successes are celebrated as we work together in preserving the Institute as a world-class center in the search for causes and cures of diseases. And members enjoy a feeling of goodwill as they see how a little generosity can make a big difference in the lives of people for generations to come.

Membership Requirements

Membership shall be open to individuals who seek to become community advocates.

Membership Year

The annual membership period shall be from May 1 each year through April 30 of the following year.

Cost of Membership

  • Single $200
  • Couple $350
  • Adventurer Level $500 (single or couple)
  • Explorer Level $1,000 (single or couple)
  • Corporate $1,500

Benefits of Membership

Generosity has its rewards and those rewards include some unique opportunities. Membership at all levels includes invitations to 2 lecture luncheons, a dinner, cocktail receptions, and a holiday party. Many of these functions feature the cutting edge research of Texas Biomed’s outstanding scientists. At these fun-filled events, members get the opportunity to meet some of the greatest scientific minds in the country and hear firsthand how their research impacts human health. Previous topics have included such compelling issues as cancer drug discovery, efforts to stamp out the “silent killer” hepatitis C, the quest to unlock the mysteries of the genome and the race to eliminate threats of bioterror.

An additional advantage at the Adventurer level is that each member who joins has the privilege of inviting a guest to the luncheons and social events. Adventurer level members are also invited to participate in a tour of Texas Biomed, offering an intimate look at one of San Antonio’s research jewels, as well as a very special event that you won’t want to miss.

Membership at the Explorer level will afford you the opportunity to partake in all of the Founder’s Council’s activities, as well as everything from the Adventurer level, and you automatically become a member of the prestigious Golden Circle donor society, with invitations to all of its activities and the beautiful sculpture, the Golden Circle Award.

Finally, the newest membership for Founder’s Council is directed toward the corporations of our community. As a growing “networking” organization, our Corporate Membership is a natural level of involvement and support. For information regarding Corporate Membership or membership referral please contact the Development Office.