Capital & Endowment Giving

One of the realities that organizations like Texas Biomed face is that we are only as successful as the resources we can provide to support the research our scientists conduct. The most modern equipment, laboratory facilities and technologies have been funded by donations from our supporters.

A few examples include:

  • Earl Slick Research Center opened in 2014 with many generous contributors
  • Betty Slick and Lewis J. Moorman Jr., Laboratory Complex
  • AT&T Genomics Computing Center
  • Hixon Hospital
  • Hurd Nursery
  • Slick Building

Endowment Giving

Endowment funding enables Texas Biomed to sustain excellence in scientific staff and provide for the continuous improvement of programs, facilities, and operations. To strengthen our claim on the future, we must invest in strategies that assure the financial strength of this unique institution devoted exclusively to biomedical research.

One way of ensuring the long-term security of Texas Biomed is to earmark a donation for endowment, which provides resources capable of generating ongoing support for operations, administration, and maintenance. Revenue generated by a healthy endowment helps free up valuable resources that can be dedicated to research and program support. A named endowment can provide a perpetual form of funding and recognition to the donor.