Research Education & Career Development

The mission of Texas Biomed’s Education Faculty is to create an educationally rich learning environment at Texas Biomed for all staff (scientific and support), undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and the San Antonio Community.  Their goal is to have a rich learning culture for students and interns, that encourages ongoing development of skills and knowledge.

What is Education and Career Development?

  • Education – K-12, Undergraduate, and Graduate education programs with curricula and a defined start and stop date
  • Career Development – internal facing programs designed to provide continued career development to Texas Biomed Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows.

Meet The Faculty

Teresa Evans, Phd
Director of Research Education

Dr. Teresa Evans, is the Director of Research Education for Texas Biomed. Dr. Evans received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Psychology from Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio. Dr. Evans continued her education, here in San Antonio at UT Health San Antonio, completing her Ph.D. in Neuroscience in 2014. Her academic career as a biomedical scientist has provided her with an excellent basis for fostering her desire to promote scientific research, communication, career and workforce development through innovative educational programs. She has built a breadth and depth of knowledge of the development and execution of course curricula and assessments, scientific communication and career and professional development programming for scientists and K-12 educators. Dr. Evans is an active member of academic and community-based programs in these areas.


Rosemary Riggs, PhD
Education & Outreach Specialist
Dr. Rose Riggs, is the Education and Outreach Specialist for the Texas Biomed Education Program. In this role Dr. Riggs serves as the guide for the development of education theory and practice aligned programming and is the main liaison between participating school districts and Texas Biomed. Dr. Riggs has many years experience developing and conducting  in-services and trainings for teachers. She works one-on-one with teachers on curriculum development, lesson planning, and adaptations of the materials. Dr. Riggs has a PhD in Adult, Professional, and Community Education from Texas State University. She has expertise in the analysis and interpretation of evaluation educational programs.  Her 10 years of classroom teaching experience partnered with her robust academic program evaluation and development training makes her uniquely suited to lead initiatives at Texas Biomed that will serve our K-12 and greater community.