Texas Biomedical Research Institute is pioneering and sharing scientific breakthroughs to protect you, your families and our global community from the threat of infectious diseases. The Texas Biomed education program supports this mission through free, downloadable curricular units which engage students in critical thinking, model making, and hands-on lab experiences connected to current science issues. Curricular units consist of multiple lessons and each lesson contains activities. Each unit is aligned with education standards (TEKS and NGSS) and provide instructional flexibility. Units and lessons can be implemented in their entirety or activities can be used as stand-alone explorations to support existing curriculum.



Pulmo Park Unit

Exploring the Respiratory System: Understanding the structure and function of the respiratory system is vital to making informed decisions to maintain health. Pulmo Park provides a comprehensive overview of the pulmonary system, from integration of body systems to investigations about how structure influences function. Students will observe, gather and analyze data while exploring the impact respiratory diseases and environmental factors impact the respiratory system and overall health.