A_slickThe Inspiration

The Founder’s Council was established in 1988 as a dynamic organization that would honor the founder of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute (Texas Biomed), Thomas Baker Slick Jr., and work in support of his extraordinary vision.

With bold foresight, Tom Slick set out at the young age of 25 to fulfill his dream of creating “a great center for human progress through scientific research.” Today, the fledgling institution he founded in 1941 has emerged as a renowned, independent biomedical research center that is a pacesetter in the race to find new preventions, treatments and cures for life’s most serious diseases.

Although Tom Slick died tragically at age 46, his vision lives on through the continued achievements of Texas Biomed scientists and many friends and benefactors such as the Founder’s Council who support their work.

The Mission

The Founder’s Council welcomes individuals ages 25 to 46 to embrace Tom Slick’s vision by becoming community advocates and financial supporters of life-saving biomedical research.

Members’ annual donations help fund competitive grants to Texas Biomed scientists for their vital work, while the group’s fun-filled special events increase community awareness of Texas Biomed’s research and its positive impact on human health. Through these means, the Founder’s Council upholds an inspiring vision to build a brighter future for us all.

The Power of Research

fc_hayhurstWhen you join the Founder’s Council in support of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, you become an integral part of a world-class organization that is making a positive difference in the lives of people everywhere.

For more information on the Founder’s Council, please contact Texas Biomed’s Development Office at .

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