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TxBiomed Fall/Winter 2022 magazine

Joanne Turner

Texas Biomedical Research Institute was built on the dream of our visionary founder, Tom Slick, Jr. to develop a “great center for human progress through scientific research.” While not a scientist by training, Tom was a scientist at heart. We at the Institute understand his deep desire to make a difference, which is what propels us forward in our quest to find answers to complex diseases.

To find those answers, we often need to develop the right tools or model systems. In this edition of TxBiomed, we are delighted to introduce you to our newest Assistant Professor Tori Baxter, a CATALYST who is passionate about this topic.

Our COVER STORY takes you inside one of our labs that developed genetics-based tools now helping scientists around the world learn more about the virus that causes COVID-19. The tools are also helping screen a large suite of antivirals, antibody cocktails and vaccine candidates.

Along with dedication, hard work and careful execution, research like this requires specialized facilities and oversight. We are pleased to feature Dr. Anthony Wang, Texas Biomed’s Director of Environmental Health and Safety, in this edition’s PROFILE. The work he and his staff perform is integral to our mission and values, and underscores how safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

This past year has been extraordinary for science education and our next generation of researchers. We’re excited to share stories that FOCUS on competitive grants won by our early career researchers, and a national education grant enabling us to provide science training for teachers and thus benefit thousands of students in our COMMUNITY.

We are proud to serve our region and make an IMPACT far beyond San Antonio. Read about how our veterinary faculty and staff trained colleagues from Ethiopia on techniques for monitoring infectious disease in wild baboons. This partnership, in collaboration with The Carter Center, is expected to expand with more joint research projects.

Research is truly a team effort, and that includes our community of supporters. As a growing nonprofit, we rely on your enthusiasm and financial support to fulfill our mission to protect you, your family and the global community from the threat of infectious disease. We hope that as you read about the lifesaving research underway at Texas Biomed, and the fascinating people behind the stories, you will be inspired to make a contribution.

Your gift will make a difference, shaping healthier futures for all — because Health Starts with Science.

— Joanne Turner, PhD
Executive Vice President, Research