Our aim is to provide each individual with an equal chance to flourish and prosper as a valued member of our community. To achieve this, we acknowledge that building a culture of belonging is crucial, which involves moving beyond simply being aware of the issues to fostering empathy and demonstrating inclusive leadership that nurtures trust with our team members.

Our conviction is that inclusion fosters a sense of belonging, diversity fuels growth, and equity promotes fairness. As an organization with more than 400 employees, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that provides individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives an equal opportunity to thrive.

Diversity Mission and Vision Statement

At Texas Biomed, we embrace a positive ecosystem that creates a sustainable, inclusive, respectful, and empathetic culture.  We draw on the unique perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds to advance our efforts in fighting infectious disease and to drive creativity and excellence in all that we do.  Welcoming diverse life experiences to Texas Biomed is our strength.  It is the foundation of our culture and creates an environment where everyone can feel accepted and valued to openly communicate in a space for all to feel safe and thrive.


We make a concerted effort to create a workforce that mirrors our community

55% of our employees identify as a Woman

46% of our leaders are People of Color

Diversity Council

Having a diversity council that is rich in diverse backgrounds from age, race, ethnicity, gender, ability, political beliefs, sexual orientation and veteran status ensures that everyone has a seat at the table and that every voice is heard through safe communication outlets. We invite you to grab a chair and connect with us.