Rodent Animal Caretaker I

The successful candidate must be able to clean and move cages, feed animals, perform daily health checks on animals, and sanitize cages using various detergents and washing methods. Must be able to work well as a team member, as well as independently. May perform other duties as assigned by the Animal Care Supervisor or Veterinarian.

Role and Responsibilities:
• Handles animals to transfer from dirty to clean cages/boxes using various rodent housing systems.
• Uses brushes and scrapers to apply cleaning/disinfectant agents to clean and rinse surfaces of animal caging.
• Prepares and uses disinfectants and detergents to clean and disinfect animal quarters, cages and associated equipment.
• Removes soiled cage bedding, where applicable, and transports cages to a centralized facility for sanitation and sterilization.
• Transports cleaned cages to work area.
• Maintains required records concerning sanitation of animal(s) being cared for.
• Transports animal cages and related equipment and bedding material within the Institute using forklift, dolly, trailer and/or motor vehicle or hand carry.
• Prepares cages/boxes by placing clean bedding material in cleaned cages/boxes in a prescribed manner.
• Operates cage-cleaning equipment.
• Maintains storeroom stock bedding and cleaning supplies.
• Performs other cleaning/sanitation duties as assigned.
• Observes, documents and reports animal behavior and interactions, both normal and abnormal.
• Maintains required records concerning health and location of animal(s) being cared for.
• Restrains animals using proper techniques for the species.
• Performs other observation duties as assigned.
• Removes, cleans, replaces and refills water devices and/or feeders on animal cages as needed.
• Maintains required records concerning feeding and watering of animal(s) being cared for.
• Transports animal bulk feed material within the organization using a dolly, trailer and/or motor vehicle or hand carry.
• Administers measured amounts of laboratory diet to a variety of animal species, according to instructions.
• Maintains storeroom stock of feed supplies.
• May mix and/or administer medications according to specific instructions.
• Performs other feeding duties as assigned.
Required: High School diploma or GED equivalent preferred. No prior specific work experience required.

SKILLS: Required: Must be able to read and follow written and verbal orders from supervisor and Veterinarian. Must be able to write legibly and record health data and some research data. Must have valid driver’s license and meet Texas Biomed driving standards
• Employee’s work will involve working with rodents, to include (but not limited to): mice, and hamsters. Employee will be in direct contact with animals
• Employee will be exposed to unpleasant odors and animal wastes.
• Hazardous chemicals include Enviro-B, Super Blue, AD-1, Bleach and Descaler, C.F.C.
• Infectious agents include Tuberculosis, Herpes B Virus and Simian Retrovirus, HIV, Hepatitis B & C are present on campus.
• Other occupational hazards include bites, scratches and lifting.
• Employee must lift 50+ pounds (feed and supplies) and carry for short distances without assistance at times.
• Participation in a medical monitoring and surveillance program is required. Immunization for Hepatitis B is required unless waived by the employee.
• Employee will drive Texas Biomed vehicles on Texas Biomed business.
• Safety Training and protective clothing, equipment, and supplies will be provided to the employee.

OTHER: This is a full-time hourly paid position. Employee will normally work 7:00am to 4:00pm. Some weekend and holiday work will be required. Texas Biomed is committed to a drug-free workplace. Pre-employment drug screen is required.
Apply online at http://www.txbio,
Application packets are accepted electronically or in hard copy. A completed application packet is a requirement for all positions. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Equal Employment Opportunity/M/F/Disability/Protected Veteran Status.

Application Instructions

Your resume and application must be provided electronically. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Please read instructions before submitting your application.
  2. PDF forms will need to be completed, saved to your computer and uploaded. Please refer to Step 2 for additional information.
  3. Fill out the online form.
  4. At the conclusion of the application process, you will be asked to attach your PDF files.

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