Circles of Support

The Texas Biomed Circles of Support are giving societies which highlight the significant contributions of our most dedicated donors whilst providing access to a variety of exclusive events & communications pertinent to these charitable individuals on the forefront of infectious disease research.

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Individuals and organizations who contribute unrestricted donations of $1,000 or more, annually, to Texas Biomed’s programs fall within one of 3 different Circles of Support while playing a crucial role in advancing scientific discovery and the continued development of Texas Biomed.  These donations fill important research funding gaps, strengthen our reputation with grant-making organizations, such as the National Institutes of Health, and showcase a clear donor interest and confidence in the Institute’s mission.  Learn more about the various Circles of Support below!

Golden Circle:

The Golden Circle is made up of contributors who give an unrestricted donation of $1,500 or more, annually.  Individuals who make up the Golden Circle are recognized and named in our year-end report whilst receiving invites to a variety of events throughout the year.  From various Fireside Chats, tours of the Institute, and members-only networking events, Golden Circle members remain on the forefront of Texas Biomed.

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President’s Circle:

The President’s Circle is made up of members who contribute unrestricted donations of $3,000 or more, annually.  Members of this philanthropic giving society greatly advance research efforts by funding needed scientific equipment throughout the year, helping to advance Texas Biomed’s research efforts.  Supporters within the President’s Circle receive the recognition and invitations provided to the Golden Circle in addition to receiving a special Circles of Support award to commemorate their steadfast belief in the mission of Texas Biomed. 

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Chairman’s Circle:

The Chairman’s Circle is made up of those who contribute $10,000 or more, annually.  These contributions fund strategic initiatives that require immediate investment and directly help to shape the future growth plans of the Institute.  These members are predominantly featured in our year-end report and receive opportunities to personally meet Texas Biomed staff, along with our sincere thanks for their dedication to the work of Texas Biomed.  Additionally, members have the ability to serve as sponsors for various lecture luncheon events with recognition on event invitation & signage.

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