On December 12, 2018, the Founder’s Council presented almost $100,000 in grants to the following Texas Biomed researchers to buy equipment in support of their work:

Patrice Frost
Patrice Frost, D.V.M.

Veterinarian Patrice Frost, D.V.M., Southwest National Primate Research Center Veterinarian

Storz Endoscopy Unit — An endoscope allows Texas Biomed to perform less invasive studies of internal organs of all our nonhuman primates. The veterinary care of our research animal colonies is critical for our animal’s health and welfare, as well as the success of our institute with regard to research productivity. Endoscopy can be used for routine healthcare in the colonies. The endoscope can also be used for diagnostic purposes for many research studies and opens up a new line of investigation that may increase the number of studies performed at Texas Biomed.


Shelley A. Cole
Shelley Cole, Ph.D.

Associate Scientist Shelley Cole, Ph.D., Genomics

Pippin HT DNA Size Selection System — This technology will be used for high-throughput sequencing, also known as next-generation sequencing (NGS). The Pippin will significantly improve the quality of genomics studies for multiple investigators at Texas Biomed. It can generate improved data sets that could lead to major discoveries for human health across many areas, from infectious agents to neuropsychiatric disorders and metabolic diseases.

Members of the Founder’s Council present Dr. Larry Schlesinger with a check for $98,000.