March 2017: TPLH Researchers Win Awards from the Society for Reproductive Investigation Three Years in a Row

We are pleased to announce that TPLH Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Hillary F. Huber was recognized at the 2017 meeting of the Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) in Orlando for a Best Investigator In-Training Poster Presentation. Dr. Huber’s research demonstrated increased stress and accelerated aging, measured through noninvasive behavioral methods, in baboon adults whose mothers received a common treatment for preterm birth while pregnant.

This is the third year in a row a TPLH postdoc has taken home a prize from SRI. Last year, Dr. Shanshan Yang won a 2016 Pfizer President’s Presenter Award for her study demonstrating changes to the brains of baboon offspring of obese mothers. Dr. Ablat Tursun received a 2015 Pfizer President’s Presenter Award for his research into oxidative stress in the pancreas of baboons with intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) as a result of low maternal nutrition.

This research is vital to unraveling how maternal factors during pregnancy affect offspring health. The value of TPLH collaborations with multiple other institutions was evident at the SRI 2017 meeting. TPLH and close associates gave two oral presentations and 18 poster presentations, the most of any collective group. Most of the presentations centered on how maternal nutrition during pregnancy leads to developmental changes in the offspring, with health consequences for the entire life-course.

Dr. Anderson Kuo received an SRI 2017 Best Investigator In-Training Poster Presentation award for his MRI work with TPLH baboons. Dr. Kuo works in the laboratory of Dr. Geoffrey Clarke at the Research Imaging Institute of the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, where they specialize in noninvasive imaging of baboons to understand physiology. The extensive partnership between TPLH and Dr. Elena Zambrano at the Mexican National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition also continues. The work of Dr. Zambrano and colleagues with rodent models of nutrition during pregnancy paves the way for TPLH research in baboons.

Follow this link for the full issue of Reproductive Sciences in which all meeting abstracts are published:

Presentations to the Society for Reproductive Investigation Orlando 2017

By TPLH and Collaborators

Oral presentations:

Wang Q, Zhu C, Odhiambo JF, Rodríguez-González GL, Nathanielsz PW, Ford SP, Ren J, Guo W. Maternal Obesity (MO) Compromises Term Fetal Offspring (F1) Heart Mitochondrial Bioenergetic Profile. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):72A [Abstract O-057].

Huber HF, Kuo AH, Li C, Jenkins SL, Nathanielsz PW. Treatment with Prenatal Glucocorticoids in Baboons Predisposes Male Offspring (F1) to Obesity in Adulthood. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):85A [Abstract O-126].

Poster Presentations:

Bishop AC, Choudary A, Libardoni M, Misra B, Lange K, Bernal J, Nijland M, Li C, Olivier M, Nathanielsz PW, Cox LA. Breath Analysis Reveals Molecular Signatures of Developmental Programming. Reprod Sci 2017;24(1 Suppl):194A [Abstract F-079].

Chuecos M, Li C, Martinez S, Gandhi K, Skobowiat C, Carrillo M, Hampton M, Raju S, Ventolini G, Nathanielsz PW, Shlabritz-Loutsevitch N. Baboon Placental Endocannabinoid Responses to Maternal High Fat Diet. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):162A-163A [Abstract T-155].

Cox LA, Gerow KG, Shade RE, Lange K, Birnbaum S, Kuhn N, Dick EJ, Bernal J, Comuzzie AG, Nijland MJ, Li C, Nathanielsz PW. Exposure to Maternal Nutrient Restriction in Development Increases Fructose Appetite in Juvenile Baboons. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):196A [Abstract F-085].

Ghnenis AB, Odhiambo JF, Nathanielsz PW, Ford SP. Early Maternal Nutrient Restriction in the Sheep Induces Collagen Accumulation in the Myocardium of Overfed Offspring (F1). Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):121A [Abstract T-053].

Best Investigator In-Training Poster. Huber HF, Bartlett TQ, Li C, Jenkins SL, Gerow KG, Nathanielsz PW. Behavioral Changes in Adult Male Baboons Exposed to Synthetic Glucocorticoids (sGC) in Fetal Life Indicate Increased Stress and Accelerated Aging. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl): 261A-262A [Abstract S-085].

Ibañez-Chavez CA, Correa C, Lira-León G, Reyes-Castro LA, Roldan FJ, Silva-Palacios A, Buelna M, Zazueta C, Nathanielsz PW, Zambrano E. Impaired Ischemia Reperfusion Responses in Adult Male and Female Hearts of Offspring (F1) of Obese Rats. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl): 259A [Abstract S-077].

Kraig E, Linehan L, Hyun E, Arteaga-Cortes L, Dube P, Nathanielsz PW, Li C, Dong Q, Gao X, Nijland MJ. Maternal Nutrition and Immune Developmental Programming, Role of the Microbiome. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):128A-129A [Abstract T-071].

Kuo AK, Li C, Nathanielsz PW, Clarke GD. A Potential Mechanism for Developmental Programming of Adult Cardiac Disease: Increased Apical Pericardial Fat (PCF) in 5.7 Year (Yr: Human Equivalent 20 Yr) Old Male but Not Female IUGR Baboon. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl): 260A [Abstract S-079].

Best Investigator In-Training Poster. Kuo AK, Li C, Nathanielsz PW, Clarke GD. Developmental Programming of the Vasculature: Aortic Caliber (AC) and Distensibility (AD) Are Reduced in Adult IUGR Baboons Offspring (F1) and Show Signs of Earl Aging Changes. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):129A [Abstract T-079].

Li C, Tursun A, Li J, Nathanielsz PW. Outcomes in the Term Fetal Baboon Pancreas in Response to Challenges of Maternal Under Nutrition and Obesity. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):130A-131A [Abstract T-084].

Lomas C, Bautista CJ, Reyes-Castro LA, Rodríguez-González GL, Cox L, Nathanielsz PW, Zambrano E. Life-Course Differences in Liver Transcriptome Programming in Offspring of Obese (MO) Rats. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl): 257A [Abstract S-070].

Lomas C, Reyes-Castro LA, Vargas L, Ibañez-Chavez CA, Cox L, Nathanielsz PW, Zambrano E. Maternal Obesity (MO) Accelerates Male (M) Offspring (F1) Aging in Proteasome, Proteolysis and Autophagy Signaling Pathways. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl): 257A [Abstract S-071].

Mata-Greenwood E, Huber HF, Li C, Nathanielsz PW. Effects of Pregnancy and Obesity on Vitamin D (D) Status and Metabolism in a Baboon Model. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl): 264A-265A [Abstract S-095].

Puppala S, Li C, Glenn JP, Quinn AR, Palarczyk JJ, Dick EJ, Nathanielsz PW, Cox LA. Lipid Accumulation in the Primate Fetal Liver with Maternal Obesity (MO) May Be Regulated by Novel Epigenetic Mechanisms. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):135A [Abstract T-098].

Rodríguez-González GL, Schmidt M, Rakers F, Nathanielsz PW, Bischoff SJ, Nistor M, Schiffner R. Fetal Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Alteration Through Late Gestational Low-Dose Dexamethasone Injection and Consequent Effects on ACTH and Cortisol Levels During Hypoglycemia in Pigs. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):199A [Abstract F-096].

Rodríguez-González GL, Vega CC, Reyes-Castro LA, Boeck L, Ibáñez C, Nathanielsz PW, Larrea F, Zambrano E. Maternal Protein Restriction (MPR) in Pregnancy and/or Lactation Impacts Sperm Aging without Affecting Fertility in Male Rat Offspring (F1). Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl): 262A [Abstract S-087].

Schlabritz- Loutsevitch N, Li C, German N, Larumbe E, Maher J, Nathanielsz PW, Ventolini G. Fetal Syndrome of Endocannabinoid Deficiency (FSECD) in an Experimental Model of Maternal High Fat Diet. Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl):201A [Abstract F-103].

Yang S, Castro-Rodriguez D, Nathanielsz PW, Li C. Maternal Obesity (MO) Up-Regulates 11β-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1(11βHSD1) and the Mineralocorticoid Receptor (MR) in the Late Gestation Baboon Fetal Frontal Cortex (FC). Reprod Sci 2017; 24(1 Suppl): 261A [Abstract S-084].