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Dr. Marcel Daadi joins StemBioSys Scientific Advisory Board

SAN ANTONIO –  Dr. Marcel Daadi, Associate Scientist and Director of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine for the Southwest National Primate Research Center at Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, has joined the Scientific Advisory Board of StemBioSys, Inc., (SBS) a privately-held, San Antonio-based biomedical company focused on stem cell-based products and therapies.

StemBioSys CEO Bob Hutchens made the announcement, noting “Dr. Daadi brings extraordinary research credentials to our Scientific Advisory Board. Among the many accomplishments of his career, he has produced hallmark research studies on human neural stem cells (NSCs) which have led to therapeutic applications for Parkinson’s disease,  worked to develop therapeutic NSC lines for clinical use in stroke and targeting brain tumors and discovered a novel technique of engineering NSC from pluripotent human embryonic stem cells.  All of us at StemBioSys are extremely pleased that Dr. Daadi has agreed to join our Scientific Advisory Board”.

Dr. John Harper, Chairman of StemBioSys’ Scientific Advisory Board added “Dr. Daadi is on the leading edge of research for stem cells and regenerative medicine and will be an outstanding addition to our Scientific Advisory Board.”

mdaadi-2 Daadi said, “I greatly admire the research behind StemBioSys and see enormous promise in their products and therapies in development.  Having such a company expanding essentially next door says a great deal about the growth and sophistication of biomedical research in San Antonio, particularly in the area of regenerative medicine.  Along with the founders of the company, I believe that stem cells are the future of medicine and that has been my own research focus.  I am honored to join StemBioSys’ Scientific Advisory Board and look forward to contributing to the company’s success.”

After earning his Ph.D. in neurosciences in 1992 at the National Centre for Scientific Research of the Universite de la Mediterranee in France, Dr. Daadi completed post-doctoral training at the University of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, where he trained in stem cell biology and brain regeneration. In 1994, he discovered the growth and differentiation conditions to direct human neural stem cells towards the dopaminergic lineage. This work produced two major studies, both of scientific importance and therapeutic application for Parkinson’s disease. He then held a Senior Scientist and group leader position to start the NSC program at Layton Biosciences, the world’s first biotech company to develop and manufacture a neural product to treat stroke patients.

In both an industrial and academic setting, Dr. Daadi has developed therapeutic NSC lines for clinical use in stroke, Parkinson’s disease and for targeting brain tumors. At Stanford University, Dr. Daadi started a human embryonic stem cell program focused on developing therapeutic cell lines for treating Parkinson’s disease and stroke. He discovered a novel technique of engineering NSC from pluripotent human embryonic stem cells. A California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) disease team award supported the development of this therapeutic cell line for clinical use.

Dr. Daadi came to Texas Biomed in 2014 and today is the team leader for its regenerative medicine and aging research unit.  Results from the unit’s research studies are the foundation of translational research aimed at repairing diseased or injured brain through transplantation of highly purified NSCs or stimulation of endogenous repair mechanisms.

StemBioSys’ Scientific Advisory Board is chaired by Dr. John Harper who is a Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Acelity, a global wound care and regenerative medicine company based in San Antonio.    Other members of the Scientific Advisory Board include StemBioSys’ cofounders Dr. Xiao-Dong Chen and Dr. Steven Davis.  StemBioSys CEO Bob Hutchens and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Sy Griffey are also members of the Board.

The Scientific Advisory Board is charged with advising StemBioSys’ Board of directors and management on a variety of scientific areas including identifying areas for further research, designing company supported research studies and reviewing the progress of the company’s scientific collaborations.




News release was written and distributed by StemBiosys on August 4, 2015

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