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San Antonio Family Supports Cystinosis Research

Impacted by cystonosis, local family supports long-term research

Azar family with scientists in Genetics

Kim Azar (back left) and her children Ava and John Ben visit Texas Biomed and meet with scientists Dr. Michael Proffitt (left) and Katie Freed (back right) in the Department of Genetics who are working on cystonosis, a rare genetic disorder that both the Azar children have. Cystinosis causes various organs of the body to crystallize and accumulate an amino acid called, cystine. Without treatment, kidney failure can result at a very young age. Dr. Freed and Dr. Proffitt are working to identify genetic factors influencing the cause and development of cystonosis. Kim recently talked with SA Woman magazine about her family’s journey and their support of Texas Biomed. Read more at SA Woman.