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Three Area Science Teachers Win Education Grants

Forum Education Award Winners
Forum Education Award Co-Chair Christina Katabchi, Education Award Winners Ivan Banuelos, Shawna Lopez, and Dr. Jamie Holbrook; Forum Education Award Co-chair Heather de Rojas

The 25th Annual Science Education Awards took place at The Argyle on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. This year, three area teachers are sharing $15,600 in grants to fund innovative projects in their classrooms. The Texas Biomedical Forum and the V.H. McNutt Memorial Foundation are partners in this Bexar County program.

The 2019 winners of the Science Education Awards were described in the ceremony’s program.

Valerie Guenther, Shawna Lopez, Jerry Eshleman
Valerie Guenther with the V.H. McNutt Memorial Foundation, Shawna Lopez of Cornerstone Christian Schools, Superintendent Dr. Jerry Eshleman of Cornerstone Christian Schools

Shawna Lopez, Cornerstone Christian Schools

Ms. Lopez’s project is “Genetic Variation in Successive Generations of Poecilia Reciulatas.” Her students will be utilizing chromosomal inheritance in color patterns to identify paternity in Poecilia Reticulata, better known as guppies.

Christina Ketabchi, Jamie Holbrook, Heather de Rojas
Forum Education Co-chair Christina Ketabchi, Education Award Winner Dr. Jamie Holbrook, Forum Education Co-chair Heather de Rojas

Dr. Jamie Holbrook, Saint Mary’s Hall

Dr. Holbrook’s project is “The Effects in Environmental Contaminants on the Development and Functioning of Skeletal Muscles in Zebrafish.” Her students will explore the effects that heavy metals, commonly found in our environment as contaminants, have on muscular development and functioning in zebrafish. As the dose of metal is increased, abnormalities in normal swimming behavior may be observed. Gene regulation and its importance will be studied to understand events that orchestrate proper embryo development.

Christina Ketabchi, Ivan Banuelos, Heather de Rojas
Forum Education Co-chair Christina Ketabchi, Education Award Winner Ivan Banuelos, Forum Education Co-chair Heather de Rojas

Ivan Banuelos, Earl Warren High School

Mr. Banuelos’ project is “The Wonders of Space Exploration: Understanding Technology of Today’s Rovers.” His students will be applying a “hands-on” approach by designing and building unique space rovers to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They will analyze terrain, soil or substance composition and the atmosphere of other worlds, as well as use an app to maneuver the rover.

Award winners with Christina Ketabchi and Heather de Rojas 25th Annual Science Education Awards Dr. Jamie Holbrook with award Dr. Jamie Holbrook