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TX BioBytes from Texas Biomed Episode 031 — Battling Bacteria and Biofilms

Biofilm is a thin, slimy film of bacteria.

Daniel Wozniak, Ph.D., of The Ohio State University is a recognized expert in the field of infectious diseases. Recently, he visited Texas Biomed as the keynote speaker at the Research Symposium 2019.

Dr. Wozniak is looking for new ways to treat stubborn infections that often make life miserable for patients or ultimately claim their lives. These secondary infections are the kinds of diseases caused by bacteria that often plague vulnerable patients. He specializes in the kinds of infections suffered by patients with cystic fibrosis and wound care patients.

Daniel Wozniak speaking at the Symposium 2019
Daniel Wozniak, Ph.D., served as keynote speaker at Texas BIomed’s Research Symposium 2019.

Bacteria that cause chronic infections in patients create problems that add up to more than $25 billion dollars in health care every year in the U.S.

Part of Dr. Wozniak’s work focuses on biofilms which are microorganisms that are attached to a surface, play a critical role in infectious diseases. They are innately resistant to antibiotics and often difficult to et rid of. Dr. Wozniak calls the treatment of biofilms a “critically important challenge for anti-infective programs in the pharmaceutical industry.”