Heath Nevill records behavior of baboons at the SNPRC.

Texas Biomed is home to one of only seven National Primate Research Centers in the country. We house more than 2,000 nonhuman primates including baboons, rhesus macaques and marmosets. Besides veterinarians and technicians, the Southwest National Primate Research Center also employs animal behaviorists.

Much of the animal behaviorists’ time is spent observing the animals, recording their behavior and gathering data.  If observation alone isn’t enough, sometimes animal behaviorists use recordings.

Director of Behavioral Services, Corrine Lutz, Ph.D., and nonhuman primate Lab manager of the Behavioral Services group, Heath Nevill, talk about taken care of research animals. Both say it’s their passion.

Corrine Lutz, Ph.D., and Heath Nevill work wit the Behavioral Services Department.