Texas Biomed trainees team up to produce a podcast about their experiences.

Biomedical research trainees are an important part of the team of scientists at Texas Biomed. The next generation of innovative thinkers will grow out of those people working in labs all over the country while earning their higher degrees and conducting their post-doctoral work.

In this podcast, you will hear from:

Colwyn Headley, Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Science (Immunology) from Ohio State University.

Kizil Yusoof, Masters student in Immunology and Infection at UT Health San Antonio

Maritza Quintero, Ph.D. Candidate in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at UT Health San Antonio

Amanda Rae Mannino, MLS (ASCP), Ph.D. Candidate in the Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Medicine Discipline