Texas Biomed Campus

Headquarters for 60 doctoral-level scientists

Multidisciplinary teams of scientists — physiologists, geneticists, virologists, immunologists, molecular biologists, cell biologists, physicians and veterinarians — work together on an array of research endeavors. Our scientists enjoy strong collaborative research efforts internally and with regional, national, and international institutions.

Home team of more than 300 trained, skilled professionals

In addition to the doctoral staff, Texas Biomed’s team includes a technical support staff of more than 150 professionals and a general and administrative support staff of more than 100 professionals.

Located on a 200-acre campus, with room for expansion

Our scientists are able to conduct their research amid 550,000 square feet of space that includes BSL2 & BSL3 laboratories, offices, an animal hospital, a library, and specially designed animal facilities, including a six-acre corral. Texas Biomed is also home to a biosafety level 4 laboratory.