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Institute Statement: Research Integrity Inquiry

Texas Biomed and the U.S. Office of Research Integrity (ORI) conducted an inquiry, confirming that a study completed by Dr. Deepak Kaushal prior to his tenure with Texas Biomed included study information/data that was inaccurately represented and this action met the ORI definition of “research misconduct”. The full summary from ORI is here:

ORI gave Dr. Kaushal the minimum consequences. This was a first-time incident, and to our knowledge, the only time this has happened in Dr. Kaushal’s lab. Dr. Kaushal retracted the paper that featured this data and corrected the study using appropriate study implementation. The results were exactly the same. Study results from this repeat study have been published ( Data from all studies carried out at Texas Biomed have been reviewed and found to be accurate.

In addition to ORI oversight, Dr. Kaushal has received internal consequences, including significant oversight of his lab. Texas Biomed is confident that this will not happen again and that Dr. Kaushal can continue to lead the Southwest National Primate Research Center capably and with integrity.

– Dr. Larry S. Schlesinger, Texas Biomed President/CEO  


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