TB or not TB – TXBioBytes Episode 001

Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio is a new focal point for TB research, with scientists studying the disease from dozens of angles, researching new therapies and a better way to vaccinate people against the insidious infection that targets the lungs.

Tuberculosis is an ancient health threat that’s still claiming several thousand lives each day around the globe. It’s the world’s deadliest infectious disease. And TB isn’t just a third world concern. It’s an American problem, too. The World Health Organization Global TB Strategy aims to eradicate TB by 2035.

In 2016, Bexar County had one of the four highest rates of TB in the state, along with Harris, Dallas, and Hidalgo Counties. Texas, California, Florida and New York have the highest rates of tuberculosis in the U.S.

Eusondia Arnett, Ph.D., and a team of researchers are working on TB at Texas Biomed.

The new President/CEO of Texas Biomed, Larry Schlesinger, M.D., is a globally-recognized expert researcher in the TB field. He is joined at Texas Biomed by Joanne Turner, Ph.D. and Jordi Torrelles, Ph.D. Between the three of them and their team members, these scientists are poised to make real progress in their collaborative work.

With their expertise in both lab and animal research, the new Tuberculosis research team at Texas Biomed is a unique asset for South Texas.