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Diversity grant awarded to Texas Biomed postdoctoral scientist

The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities’ (NIMHD) Diversity and Re-entry Research Supplement was awarded to Texas Biomed Post-Doctoral Scientist Maya Gough, a researcher in Dr. Deepak Kaushal’s lab.  She was encouraged by Dr. Kaushal, who mentored her through the application process.

“Applying for this grant was my first step towards becoming an independent researcher,” Dr. Gough said. “This supplement is a great opportunity for me and all minority women.”

Maya Gough
Dr. Maya Gough

The Research Diversity Supplement provides opportunities for individuals from underrepresented minority groups to flourish in STEM-related research careers. One of the goals of the NIMHD is to encourage and support the development of a diverse and well-trained research workforce. This supplement will allow Dr. Gough to increase her skills in biomedical research and move forward in other research projects within Dr. Kaushal’s lab.

“My goal is to pursue independent funding, so I can one day have my own lab and conduct my own independent research,” Dr. Gough said. “I intend to stay in the TB field and combine my engineering and immunology background to advance my area of research.”

The award totaled $65,000 in funds which will be combined with Dr. Kaushal’s existing RO1 grant. Dr. Gough received her doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Houston and her bachelor’s in Biological Sciences from Kent State University.