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CPS Energy Rebate for energy efficiency initiatives at Texas Biomed Earl Slick Research Center

The Earl Slick Research Center opened in March 2014 on the campus of Texas Biomedical Research Institute. This 70,000 square-foot building, which expanded office and laboratory space on the Texas Biomed campus, incorporates mechanical and electrical design features that were required for LEED certification. Principal Engineer for Texas Biomed James Lube and McKinstry Account Executive Thursten Simonsen determined that these same features would result in Texas Biomed being eligible to apply for a rebate through the CPS Energy Rebate Program.

CPS Energy presents Texas Biomed with a rebate check of $76,500 for mechanical and electrical equipment selected to enhance energy efficiency in the new Earl Slick Research Building. Pictured above (left to right) are John T. Barrow, Manager Baines Center/Key Accounts, CPS Energy; Thursten D. Simonsen, Account Executive, McKinstry; James A. Lube, Principal Engineer, Texas Biomed; and Keith A. Davis, VP Finance & Administration/CFO, Texas Biomed.

Texas Biomed previously worked with McKinstry, an engineering firm that specializes in the design and construction of energy efficient buildings, on several energy efficiency upgrades throughout the campus.

“McKinstry was familiar with the CPS Energy Rebate process and was therefore asked to assist Texas Biomed with the preparation of the application,” Lube said. “After several weeks of compiling the data and modifying energy usage models, we submitted the application.”

A CPS inspector visited the campus, as is standard procedure, to verify the equipment listed in the application against rebate criteria.

“Once the inspection was complete, CPS computed the total rebate amount and sent Texas Biomed a check for $76,500,” Lube said. “CPS Energy’s rebate program is extremely valuable, and we are certainly thrilled with the outcome, and we appreciate McKinstry’s assistance throughout the process.”