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Texas Biomed Forms Scientific Advisory Board

Judith Campisi
Judith Campisi, Ph.D.

As part of Texas Biomedical Research Institute’s strategic plan to grow the organization into the leading infectious disease research institute in the country, Texas Biomed has established a renowned external scientific advisory board.  Five distinguished researchers have joined the newly-formed group to provide Texas Biomed with objective perspectives on matters relating to the Institute’s research progress and priorities of its scientific programs: Host Pathogen Interactions, Disease Intervention and Prevention and Population Health.

Mitchell Kronenberg
Mitchell Kronenberg, Ph.D.

The group, who will each serve four-year terms, includes:

“Science is constantly evolving, and the needs of scientific programs benefit from neutral, external perspectives,” Texas Biomed President/CEO and Professor Larry Schlesinger, M.D., said. “As we implement our ambitious 10-year vision for change at Texas Biomed, it is imperative we receive support and guidance from some of the brightest minds in biomedical research outside of our own institution, and I am excited about the group that has chosen to participate. The board provides an opportunity not only for us to learn but to share our distinguishing perspective on science with other institutions.”

Bruce Walker
Bruce Walker, M.D.

As advisors, the researchers from diverse fields will provide counsel to Texas Biomed on its strategic direction and the appropriateness of research priorities. They will also give feedback on training programs, finance/business development and organizational structure. As an independent, nonprofit research institute, Texas Biomed has distinct strengths and challenges that benefit from external counsel.

Karen Nelson
Karen Nelson, Ph.D.

“Diversity is important to ecosystems,” Dr. Walker stressed. “An important part of the scientific ecosystem in addition to academia, biotech and pharma is the independent research institute, a source of bold new ideas and the flexibility to rapidly take them forward.”

“Texas Biomedical Research Institute will significantly advance our effort to improve the health span of its constituents through outstanding scientific and education programs,” Dr. Campisi added. “I am delighted to serve on the advisory board of this outstanding institution.”

Phil Newmark
Phil Newmark, Ph.D.

The first in-person meeting of Texas Biomed’s new External Scientific Advisory Board is scheduled for spring 2020.

Additionally, Texas Biomed’s Southwest National Primate Research Center (SNPRC) has established its own external board of advisors. These leading scientists and veterinarians are providing strategic advice and counsel in the future development of SNPRC. Members of this committee include:

The SNPRC is supported by grant P51 OD011133 from the Office of Research Infrastructure Programs, National Institutes of Health.