Updated March 1, 2019

From womb to tomb: Our mission is understanding how early experiences influence life-course health.

*Breaking news*: TPLH and collaborators at SNPRC, UTHSCSA, and Wake Forest Health received a National Institute on Aging U19, one of the largest grants given by NIA.

Health and Economic Impact of TPLH Research

We study pregnancy and early life to understand how environmental influences lead to illnesses such as obesity and diabetes, which are costly to the nation and individuals. The American Diabetes Association estimates obesity and diabetes alone cost over $250 billion a year.


TPLH Research Programs

The TPLH baboon programs are based at the Southwest National Primate Research Center.

Collaborations and Grants Held at Other Institutions

TPLH Publications

TPLH Unique Baboon Housing Facilities


Above: TPLH staff, March 2015.

Above: Dr. Shanshan Yang receives an award from the Society for Reproductive Investigation. From left to right, Hugh Taylor (2015-2016 President), Shanshan Yang (TPLH Postdoctoral Researcher), Cun Li (TPLH Primary Investigator), and Yole Sadovsky (2016-2017 SRI President).